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BioCardin - for high blood pressure and atherosclerosis

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BioCardin mitigates 5 basic causes of hypertension

 Overloaded nervous system (stress, insomnia, etc.)
Valerian root and calendula inside BioCardin enable anxiety relief.

 Toxins in blood vessels
BioCardin improves heart function, cleans blood vessels from accumulated waste thanks to bioflavonoids obtained from green coffee and hawthorn.

 Varicose veins and thrombosis
Because BioCardin contains concentrated pistils of a flower known as hops (Humulus lupulus) it improves venous circulation, breaks down clots and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

 Increased blood sugar levels
BioCardin lowers blood sugar, prevents diabetes thanks to oregano and horsetail extracts.

BioCardin promotes weight loss, enhances metabolism, and kidney function thanks to the lemon balm extract.

BioCardin - Allium ursinum, Wild garlic (Srijemoš) effectively lowers blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven to improve the blood test results; regulating cholesterol and triglycerides and lowering blood sugar.

Medicinal sulfur compounds found in wild garlic also have antimicrobial properties, which makes it a great supplement to combat infections of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract.

It is a powerful antioxidant and strengthens the immune system overall.