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About us

Nutra Aktiv is a company which produces carefully prepared health
and beauty products in the Western Balkan region.

100% Transparency

Every product has a company label with instructions on serving information and nutrients.

Organic Ingredients

All ingredients are indigenous plants that can be found across the Western Balkans.

Analyzed & Tested

Our food technologists work closely together with regulators to provide the right solution.

Payment on Delivery

We charge you only after you have seen the goods and verified that they are what you ordered.

Joint and bone pain solution


This product is one of the most revolutionary things that happened to alternative medicine. It helps relieve pain in joints and bones, stimulates the process of cartilage regeneration, and eliminates muscle hypertension. In addition to its healing effects on joint and bone issues, Flexsteel effectively treats varicose veins.

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The herbal remedy you were looking for


Glucosine is our trademark solution for diabetics who battle high blood sugar levels.

Myrtilli folium

The composition of blueberry leaves can prolong the effects of insulin in diabetics.

Petroselini radix

Primrose root is capable of reducing inflammation associated with diabetes.

Juniperi fructus

Apart from treating snakebites and cancer, juniper berries are also anti-diabetic.

Melissae folium

Across multiple studies, lemon balm leaves have proven effective in combating diabetes.

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Our History

How we came to be

The premise was that all healing comes from the earth. No matter what you believe in, both alternative and traditional medicine have shown the effects of God's produce - it is preventive and therapeutic.

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A hiking trip led six friends on Mountain Visitor, where they discovered a plethora of medicinal herbs and plants.


After a year of arguing about pros and cons, all of them decided to give back to humanity by using what their geographical position gave them.


It was crazy; months of writing down formulas, consultations with doctors and local herbalists, researching and mixing different solutions, you name it...


Nutra Aktiv was registered as an LLC, with only one goal in mind: to produce what will heal and help many.


The input of 13,550 successful case studies and 4,124 field trips might sound arduous. But this lead to a positive output, which was a line of 4 products in total, with market pole position in two countries.


We figured how to mix the right substances to produce beauty products which can impact all age groups and genders. Officially, Nutra Aktiv started manipulating natural ingredients for skincare.


COVID-19. Collapsing businesses and terrified people. Our company adopted all suggested safety measures and went one step further and delivered all packages with the most strict sanitary standards. We're all in this together.


Year of experiences


Case studies


Food technologists


Customer satisfaction